Family Bereavement Services

For children, young people, adults and families who are either facing a serious illness in their families, or who have been bereaved

Individual Counselling

 For children & young people

The death or serious illness of a significant person can be devastating.  For a child or young person it can often be hard to understand and can have a major impact at home, school life and relationships.  Children and young people can benefit from having the right support and information along with opportunities to express and explore their grief, helping them to adapt to their changing situation and feel more confident with their new story.


I support children aged from 5 to 18.  When a child experiences a death or serious illness, school can often be a positive place where their life continues to have a sense of structure and normality. Primary school age children are usually seen in school and I can offer older children the option to be seen in school if that feels better for them.

 For parents

Parents and carers often have many difficult questions on their minds when faced with a serious illness diagnosis or bereavement. You may be struggling to find words to explain to your children what is happening or perhaps are unsure of how much information to give.  You might have concerns about how your children are feeling and how this might impact on their behaviour and emotional well- being, or just might want some reassurance that you are doing the right things.


You may also want a neutral and welcoming space to come and be supported with your own grief.  A space where, just for a little while, you don’t have to worry about how everyone else is doing.

Family Sessions

Everyone has the right to grieve in whatever way they need to. Though sometimes in a family when everyone is on their own individual path, it can be really helpful to come together, to reconnect, to communicate, to laugh, to share stories,  and to build on your own family's strengths, resilience and abilities to support each other to move forward.


“It was so great to talk to people who just get it, like without having to explain it all.  Friends and family mean well but when my husband died I felt like I was spending all my time trying to show I was ok to please everyone else.  The group was a really good place for me to go and I met some really nice people.”

Facing a life threatening illness or a bereavement in a family can often be a very isolating experience. Groups are a great opportunity for people in similar situations to come together, in a relaxed and friendly environment, to be with others and share experiences.

“I went to one of Liz’s parent groups after my wife died.  I have two teenage girls and just felt totally lost. I kept talking myself out of going, and was really nervous walking in, but it was one of the best things I did for me and my kids after she died. I met some great people who were really supportive and just knew exactly what I was going through. We actually had a laugh as well!”

It can be daunting to arrive at a group when you know no-one, especially in these circumstances, but I promise you, you will be well looked after. Feedback from groups is always really positive and people say they were glad they made the effort to come along, despite feeling nervous.  Most groups will have such a good experience that they ask to meet again.

Groups are for children, adults and families, and are created flexibly when enough people have shown an interest. Please let me know if you think you, or someone you know, might be interested in a group, now or in the future. Or, give me a call and I can answer any questions you may have.